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Heart of Africa, Chester Zoo:

an immersive sanctuary for rainforest animals

tourism and leisure
North West Zoological Society
Chester Zoo
Project status:

The Heart of Africa Rainforest Biome proposals formed part of the Natural Vision Masterplan, a flagship project for Chester Zoo intending to establish the organisation as Europe's leading and largest wildlife attraction. The project covers 16,000sqm and has been designed to simulate the natural African rainforest habitats of the Congo. The undulating roofscape - one of the largest ETFE clad free form roof structures in the world - is designed to house a jungle canopy and create an immersive sanctuary for animals, birds, amphibians and reptiles; including some of the world’s most endangered species of Gorillas and Okapi.

The dynamic form is designed with conservation and education requirements as key principals. Visitors will explore the biome in a variety of ways including treetop elevated walkways and interactive water rides providing extensive views of the animal environments and an unparalleled understanding of the Zoological Society’s vital role in the preserving the planets most endangered habitats. 

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