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Urban Design London, Code School

Urban Design London, Code School

Directors Stephen Proctor and Georgina Bignold were pleased to be invited to take part in Urban Design London's Code School series discussing the fundamental principles for creating local identity and well designed places. Tailored to local authorities, the programme aimed to clarify the processes behind creating and implementing successful design codes. 

Stephen's workshop covered how to consider existing context to create a sense of place and unique character through homes and buildings, materials, detailing and wayfinding. The session was designed to help local authority officers and councillors understand how identifying the key characteristics that create an area's identity can be used in the coding process. 

Georgina's workshop focussed on how to include requirements for building forms, height and area densities using our work at Horsted Park in Chatham as an example. 

Proctor and Matthews have undertaken several projects which aim to create design narratives and strategies for wider development including 'The Ebbsfleet Study' for Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and the 'Strategic Sites Design Guide' for St Albans and Dacorum Borough Council. Our recently completed new neighbourhood projects such as Abode at Great Kneighton, have also been featured in the government's 'Guidance notes for design codes' and the 'National Model Design Code'.