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LFA - Towards a Neighbourhood Renaissance Living-well locally

LFA - Towards a Neighbourhood Renaissance Living-well locally

Director Stephen Proctor was invited to speak at 'Towards a Neighbourhood Renaissance Living-well locally'. Part of the London Festival of Architecture and organised by the Urban Design Group, the event examined best practice in the design of new neighbourhoods as well as what can be done to revive and sustain existing communities in crisis. 

Stephen's presentation explored the practice's approach to delivering sustainable densities for new neighbourhoods through some of our recent projects - from the regeneration of the Carpenters Estate in Newham to a new extension to Tyrrelstown, Ireland at Wilkinsons Brook. 

Other speakers included:  

Professor Matthew Carmona, Place Alliance, University College London
Dr Husam AlWaer, University of Dundee 
Parisa Wright, The Greener and Cleaner Network 
Chris Martin, Urban Movement
Amanda Reynolds, AR Urbanism
Catherine Hammant, Researcher and Independent Consultant
Richard Eastham, Feria Urbanism