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Merry & Bright Christmas Cartoon

Merry & Bright Christmas Cartoon

This Christmas animation is based on a drawing produced by Stephen Proctor during the first COVID-19 Lockdown and later brought to life by animation studio Multiminded Digital. It depicts a fictional neighbourhood that explores some of the ideas and placemaking components the practice have been exploring in recent work across the UK and Ireland.   

It describes a spatial network of pedestrian friendly streets, lanes and mews; of public squares and communal gardens; of private courtyards and rooftop terraces: a framework for social interaction and quiet contemplative retreat.

It is a neighbourhood where residents can work comfortably from home; or meet over a coffee on the way to support their local football team; or even linger at the street corner hustings to listen to the pronouncements of their local politician!

It is a cluster of contemporary homes nestling comfortably into its verdant context; a neighbourhood of defined thresholds, boundaries and silhouettes; but most importantly it is distinctively local and a place to call home!